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An Internet website is a new, profitable, and exciting way to advertise your business. You can tell the world (or just your customers and prospects) all about your products and services with it. It's sort of a cross between television, radio, magazine and newspaper advertising, including graphics, sound, print and video being the most responsive of all media used geographically by millions of people day and night. The difference is that your prospective customer can view it in the comfort of home with their own computer or TV (with WebTV technology), and it's the least expensive of all methods of commercial advertising! Your website can easily be updated anytime you add, remove or change your products or services. This gives you an economical advantage over all other forms of advertising.

Director of Strategic Marketing for Sierra Digital Communications, Inc., Hal Tenney of Rocklin California, says "Of the modest amount of advertising we do, our Web site is by far the most beneficial. It caused inquiries to go up three-fold. We are on a limited budget, but the money we spent on the Web site is less than a full page display ad. And the ongoing cost is only about $50 per month to the Internet Service Provider. It's got to be the best value since sliced bread."

The Internet is estimated to currently have as many as 100 million users with projections that it will reach as high as 500 million by the turn of the century (not that far away!) With WebTV devices such as those from Sony, RCA, Panasonic and others, that appears to be a very realistic prediction. Microsoft believes this so much that they have purchased WebTV!.The average family is able to connect to the Internet through their TV sets for under $200! Within two years, we predict that every new TV purchased will have WebTV capability built-in just like they now have "cable-ready" tuners built-in! Of course, you can't expect to "sell" to 100 million new customers with your website let alone 500 million. You can expect to get several hundred to several thousand people to look at your site, though. Many companies with websites are experiencing as much as a 10% per month growth in the popularity of their sites. These are realistic figures.

One thing said about Internet marketing is that it is a greater equalizer. Even a "kitchen table" business can appear to be as big as the "big boys" on the Internet. They may be able to attract more users to their site by spending more money to advertise it, but your site can be just as appealing as theirs when designed properly.

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What Can A Website Do For Your Business?

  • Increase inquiries
  • Promote your company image
  • Inform customers of sales and presentation schedules
  • Open up your products to a global market
  • Provide full information about your products to potential customers
  • Build a prospect list for call-backs later
  • Sell products directly over the Internet

Some Demographic Information
On Internet Users

  • 54% of small businesses are currently using the internet
  • 67% of Internet users have an annual income of $50K or more
  • 72% have purchased products or services based on information found on the internet

Comparison Of Advertising Rates

  • 3" by 1 Column in the Bell South Yellow Pages is $195.75 per month for 12 months! No changes until the next edition is released!
  • 3" by 1 Column in the Courier-Journal for one day is $354.00
  • 1/2 Page Black and White ad in the Bell South Yellow Pages is $1309.00 per month for 12 months! No changes until the next edition is released!
  • A Full Color Graphic Page on the WWW for as low as $99.00 with Cyberspace Publishing. (Keep in mind -- this type of advertising can be changed anytime!)

web site prices include consulting with you to determine your needs, background and logo graphics and up to two additional graphics per page, 200 words of content per page, unlimited bullet graphics, two external links and one "mail-to" link per page. We will design a Web site to display your text, photos, and graphics and publish it with your host provider (free assistance in locating one if you don't already have one or check out NoMonthlyFees), advertise your site to over 3000 (usually around 2500) of the major Web search engines and directories, and provide minor updating over the following six months. Additional features added at extra cost depending on complexity.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Our prices do not include the Internet Service Provider fees to keep running your site, (averaging $20 per month with 1-5 meg of website storage, or about $300-$600 per year for domain name hosting, email, and Website hosting of multiple pages). NoMonthlyFees offers 600 meg of webspace, 25 Gig monthly bandwidth, unlimited autoresponders, email accounts and aliases, Mysql databases, FTP accounts, autoresponders, subdomains, domain parking, your own personal cgi-bin directory for custom programming, free web statistics reporting and much, much more with NO MONTHLY FEES! "Shopping cart" designs for direct sales of products over the Internet are available.

Where else will you find such excellent world-wide advertising at this price except on the Internet?!

Isn't it wonderful!

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