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What's New - Computer Security!

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Computer Security!

Spy Sweeper

Spy Sweeper

Spyware has eclipsed viruses as the leading online threat, affecting 90% of Internet-connected PCs. Growing mainstream awareness of the risks of spyware has fueled tremendous growth for this spyware protection tool, Spy Sweeper. Recently featured in the New York Times, on CBS Evening News and awarded 4-Stars by PC Magazine, Spy Sweeper provides a quality solution to this real-world online threat. I have personally tried AdAware, Spyware Remover, and several other similar programs, but none can compare to the ease of use and features of Spy Sweeper! It will even protect your browser's "Home Page" from being changed without your permission, watch for and automatically delete adware cookies, and monitor memory for running spyware. You can buy Spy Sweeper now by clicking the image, or download a trial version by clicking here!

Mailwasher Pro

Mailwasher Pro

MailWasher Pro is an anti-spam program that effectively filters unsolicited commercial e-mail, more commonly known as spam. Protecting users from e-mail borne security threats, MailWasher Pro stops all unwanted mail from reaching inboxes and inconveniencing users - it works at the server level so you don't even have to download unwanted email. I've been using MailWasher for several years now, and MailWasher Pro since August 2003. I wouldn't think of managing my email accounts without it! I'm currently monitoring 30 different email accounts with it in a single click. It is fast and effective and provides statistics and ORDB (Open Relay Database) filtering of your email. You can buy MailWasher Pro now by clicking the image, or download a 30 day trial by clicking here!

Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar

Everyone knows that Google is probably the best search engine on the Internet... PERIOD! It has over several BILLION pages indexed and returns your searches almost instantly. What you may not know is that with their free toolbar, you can not only do searches from Google directly from your IE browser's toolbar, but also effectively block all those browser popup and popunder ads, too! It's smart enough to allow "new window" pages called from a link, and will allow popups you want with just a key-press. With a single click, you can tell it that a particular page is OK to allow popups, too! You can download a free copy of Google Toolbar by clicking the logo above, or clicking here!

VCom's SystemSuite 6

Vcom's SystemSuite 6

I've tried a lot of different virus scanners, firewalls, and utility "suite" combinations including, but not limited to, McAfee's Internet Security, Symantic's Internet Security and others. Symantic (Norton) always seemed to mess up my computer more than it helped anything, so I won't use their utility programs. McAfee used to be my favorite, having used it from version 1! However, more recent versions have stopped recognizing firewall passwords for no reason, locking me out of configuring it and making removal extremely difficult. They have also become an annoying 'ad' spammer - constantly throwing up their self-promotional ads in the middle of whatever I am doing. Although I like the way both Symantic and McAfee allow small incremental 'automatic' updates to their virus DAT files, I will not recommend either one for those reasons mentioned above.


VCom's SustemSuite 6, on the other hand, consists of an easy to use firewall and virus scanner plus utilities to repair computer problems and keep your system running like a finely tuned Nascar engine! I have no problem recommending SystemSuite 6 for your general computer maintenance and protection. With it running, a check with Steve Gibson's "ShieldsUP!!" shows my computer to be "invisible" while connected to the Internet!

You can buy SystemSuite 6 now for $59.95 by clicking the box, or clicking here! Or, grab a copy at your local WalMart for only $39.95! :) Note: I am not an affiliate of VCom and receive nothing from them for this recommendation.

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