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Pricing Guideline

We will design your Website to display your text, photos, and graphics and publish it with your host provider (free assistance in locating one if you don't already have one - check out NoMonthlyFees), and provide minor changes and updating over the following six months. Tables, forms, counters, scripts and additional links may be added at aditional cost depending on complexity. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Prices Updated April 4, 2006
Discounted Business Rates (Ask Us!)

Service Description Private Individual
(non-business) Rates
Standard Business Rates
Miscellaneous Support and Upgrading $35.00/hr. $50.00/hr.
Custom Form Programming $60.00/hr. $100.00/hr.
Custom Database Design & Setup $75.00/hr. $125.00/hr.
1-Page Web site* $150.00 $250.00
3-Page Web site* $395.00 $595.00
6-Page Web site* $595.00 $1095.00
12-Page Web site* $995.00 $1,995.00
20-Page Web site* $1,495.00 $2,995.00
Additional pages over package count $99.00/page $199.00/page
Information gathering Form Pages $150.00/page $199.00/page
Product ordering Form Pages $199.00/page $299.00/page
Scan & OCR text $35.00/hr. $50.00/hr.
Scan & edit graphics $15.00/image $25.00/image

*All Website prices include:

  • consulting with you to determine your needs
  • background and logo graphics and up to two additional graphics per page
  • 200-500 words of content per page
  • unlimited "bullet" graphics per page
  • three external links per page
  • one "mail-to" link per page
  • one free "Form" page per site
  • six months of minor changes

Additional Services

  • Image Map $100.00
  • Java Banner Design $40.00-$60.00
  • Graphic Design $50.00 per hour
  • JavaScript, Perl or PHP Scripting $75.00 per hour
  • Delivery of zip disk or CD containing all web package files via postal service. $25.00
  • Additional Expenses 20% over cost for all accounts
  • Mileage No Charge up to 15 miles.$0.50/mile over 15 miles for all accounts.
  • Travel Time No Charge up to 15 minutes.$25/hour over 15 minutes for all accounts.
  • Phone support is available for all applicable services. No Charge for calls under 5 minutes. For calls over 5 minutes, there will be a minimum charge of 30 minutes at the applicable rate.
  • For on-site support, there is a minimum charge of one hour at the applicable rate.
  • Web Site Maintenance - After your site is online, we can provide monthly maintenance of the site, including checking links to be sure they are valid, and changing text and graphics as necessary.
  • We'll upload your site. In addition to designing your web site, our services include assisting you in selecting a reliable and affordable web hosting service for your site, uploading your site onto the selected web host's servers, ensuring your site is functioning properly.
  • Our rates are very reasonable. We will give you an idea of how much it will cost you to have your site hosted on the web by a commercial web hosting service, and will tell you about the other hosting options available to you.
  • Consultation - Up to 2 hours consultation with client concerning site design.
  • Content text is to be supplied by the client on diskette, CD or by email attachment. OCR charges apply to text sources requiring manual input or supplied on printed material.
  • Custom graphics package Includes a custom-designed theme logo, incorporating your company logo, top-of-page graphic, line, bullet, text, background. Additional custom graphics billed at $50 per hour. Our prices include up to an average of 3 photos or graphics per Web page. Placement of more than 3 photos per page average is not recommended due to download time. We suggest additional short pages instead.
  • Updating Up to two hours per Website per month over the first six months of the contract. Additional time will be billed at the appropriate rate.
  • Web pages only include text, graphics and links. For more advanced features (java, javascript, animated gifs, audio, video, etc.,) our design rate is $50/hour.
  • Payment. Fees are paid in the following manner: 50% upon execution and signing of this contract, 50% when the Web pages have been constructed according to the client's original written specifications. If the total amount of this contract is less than $500 US [five hundred dollars US], the total amount shall be paid upon signing this contract.
  • Prices quoted are in US funds, and are subject to change without notice. Prices are held only by means of a signed contract and an appropriate deposit.

These prices do not include the Internet Service Provider fees for hosting your site. Prices for this service can vary from "Free" to $20 or more per month with 10-50 meg of website storage space (average)... to around $300-$1200 per year for domain name hosting and high traffic sites. These may or may not include email and "dial-up" accounts. An email account is required to receive information from "Form" pages. Dial-Up or Broadband accounts are required in order to be able to access your pages and email. Domain names ( must be registered with a Registrar of your choice and range from around $9 per year to around $35 per year.

For large sites or "shopping cart" sites, we recommend NoMonthlyFees which offers 800 meg of webspace, free domain name hosting, unlimited autoresponders, unlimited email aliases, personal cgi-bin directory for custom programming, free CGI scripts, free counters, free web statistics reporting, free Domain Name registration and much, much more for only $200.00 one time setup and then, only $100.00 per year. For "shopping cart" sites, we recommend the use of a service such as Americart. Americart provides the service for a flat rate of around $250.00 per year with no additional transaction charges. Prices for custom "shopping cart" systems are bid on an individual basis, due to variety and complexity.

Here are some example configurations.

Maintenance can be added to a web site for the individual or company needing frequent updates or changes. Costs vary depending on the needs of the client, but are substantially lower than the same updates or changes performed to a website without a maintenance plan. Generally these prices range from 5% to 10% of original site cost per month. Updates will be billed at the Miscellaneous Support rate to an account without a plan (one hour minimum charge.) Monthly maintenance contracts are negotiated on an individual basis according to site complexity, modification frequency and type of site.

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