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Worksheet For Planning Your Website
(or Request a Quote From Us)

This worksheet is designed to help you organize your thoughts toward the goals and objectives of your web presence. It is also meant to help us to understand your goals and objectives and to enhance communications between us. You may simply print it out for your own use. Or, you can fill it out online and click the "Send" button to send it to us for a quote on having us design and publish it for you. It's quite alright to leave answers blank if you don't know the answer or the question doesn't apply to your desired site. Questions or fields marked with an asterisk (*) are, however, required if you want us to bid on your site. A phone number is required for verification purposes only. Please include any area codes and office extentions.

*First Name

*Last Name





Zip code State




How do you wish to be contacted in regard to this quote submission?

Voice Fax email

*How soon do you need this job complete?

72 hour rush (priority fee applies)  7-14 days   14-28 days   28 - later

*Do you have a budget in mind?  If so, choose which describes it best.

$100-$500 $500-$750
$750-$1000 $1000-$1500
$1500-$2000 $2000-$2500
$2500-$3000 over $3000

Where did you hear about Cyberspace Publishing?

Have you ever surfed the net before?YesNo

Do you have your own dial-up account with an ISP?YesNo

*Do you have an account with a web space provider (hosting service)
or does your ISP provide you with web space?

Provider / Server name or URL to your web space:

Check all that it includes

ftp access

telnet access
cgi-bin directory access
CGI, Perl, php or Miva programming engine

*Do you have your own Domain Name?YesNo

List your Domain Name here.

If not, do you plan on acquiring your own Domain Name? YesNo

If yes, would you like us to assist you in registering one? YesNo

Do you currently have a web page?YesNo

If you have a web page, what is its URL address?


*Will this site be used for business or personal? 

Business Personal

Please describe the nature of your business or personal website.

Check each purpose that you want your web site, presence and it's content to serve.

To develop an online image for my company
To create a favorable impression of my company or organization?
To create better communications between members of my organization?
To develop a qualified prospect list?
To sell products online?
To urge potential customers to initiate contact with me by phone or mail?
To provide timely information to organizational members, customers and/or others?

Describe any other purpose you want this presence to serve?

Please describe your company's mission statement.

List any specific products or services you offer.

List any features and/or benefits of doing business with you over your competitor(s).

List three other things that distinguish you from your competitor(s).

List any awards won or professional/trade association memberships.

List any promotions you are currently running or would like to run.

List all forms of payment that you will accept (if applicable.)

Check here if you are interested in one of our Choicemall pages.


How you organize your site to achieve your goals and objectives has a definitive effect on whether your visitors return. It is sometimes easier to organize your site by outlining it and the information it will contain. Your home page generally acts as a welcome to those visiting your sight. Typically, it will also contain a table of contents with links to the rest of your site. Think of your site as a book and your home page as a combination of Front Cover, Jacket, and Table of Contents. This can be structured formally or extremely loose. Note: Pages should be thought of as groups of related content. They should be large enough to convey your message, yet small enough to insure user convenience (larger pages tend to download slower.)

Page 1.Index/welcome/home page [Front Cover/Jacket/ Table of Contents]
Page 2.
Page 3.
Page 4.
Page 5.
Page 6.
Page 7.
Page 8.
Page 9.
Page 10. 
Page 11. 
Page 12. 

*How many pages do you need (including the Homepage)?

Please provide the URL of one or more websites you would like to model your site after.


Feel free to use this format or append another outline to this worksheet. Other outline formats may be better in organizing your ideas.

Title, Masthead Graphics and Logo

Will your site name appear on your masthead? YesNo

Site Name on Masthead

Title which appears at the very top of the web browser and will show on listings by web search engines: 


List additional headlines you would like to display on your site.

Your Company Logo incorporated in the masthead graphic? YesNo

If so, please enclose a color copy.

Photo or drawing of product? YesNo

Other ideas:

Common Page Elements

These elements are common to all your pages and assist users in navigating around your site. These are included at no additional charge. Uncheck any that you do not want on your page(s)..

Top-of-page graphic based on the design of the masthead graphic
Individual titles for your pages?
Standard company ID near bottom of page
email response link to the following e-mail address


Local Table of Content/Index.
Updated date stamp

Internal navigation by:

Links (text)
Image Map
Icon/graphic links
Explorer-like Folders

Dividers and Accent Touches

These help divide content and ideas and serve to accent specific areas and are included at no additional charge. Uncheck any that you do not want us to use.

Horizontal rules or
Colored Lines
Bar graphics compatible with color scheme and background
Colored 3-D balls
"New" or "updated" logos

May I include a customary link at the bottom of the web pages which reads "Web Site Designed by Cyberspace Publishing"?YesNo

Other enhancement ideas:

Photos and Graphics

Careful use of photographs and graphics can help convey your message or tell your story. However, graphics take considerable time to download and may cause the user to leave your site in frustration. [Web surfers are notorious for their impatience.] Caution should be exercised with the application of photographs and graphics to enhance the look or appearance of your pages. Check all that you will be supplying yourself. Note: You must sign a statement that you own or have permission to use any photos, clipart, graphics, music, sounds or video clips you send me.

*Do you have text prepared and ready to be included in your site?

Yes   No

Items that you will supply (check all that apply.)

Other ads
Photos which are scanned in
Clickable thumbnail images which link to full size pictures on their own pages
Framed edges as provided by Netscape, Microsoft IE and other newer browsers

*Would you like to include sound, video or animation in this site?

Video clips

If so, briefly describe.

Forms and Special Pages

Forms can be used to gather useful information about visitors to your site. They can also help in identifying potential customers and developing prospect lists. Order forms are rapidly gaining widespread acceptance. We include one form for gathering customer contact information and emailing it to you at an address of your choosing. Check any additional forms or special pages you are interested in.

Contact information gathering form (included)
Guest books for visitors to record comments
BBS (or 'Forum') messaging system (good for customer support!)
'Free-4-All' Links page for visitors to leave links to their sites
Classified Ad page for your visitors
Autoresponder (sort of an email 'Fax-On-Demand')
Requests for information
Order forms which can be printed out and mailed or faxed

Special CGI/Perl, JavaScript, Java, php or Miva script programming (describe)

Any custom forms not listed (describe)

Uploading, Testing and Page Maintenance

Development and initial site testing will be provided on one of our domains. Final setup, testing and maintenance will be provided on your ISP server.

If you wish to use your own personal Domain Name, it must be registered to reside on your Internet (Hosting) Service Provider's server and approved by InterNic before we can use it. We can assist you with this if you desire. This isn't a requirement for publishing a website, but is highly recommended for any commercial website. The information below is necessary if you wish us to publish your website for you. It is not required, however, for us to send you our bid.

Internet (Hosting) Service Provider Name

FTP address/ for your webspace (provided by hosting service provider)

Your user name for your webspace (provided by hosting service provider)

Your password for your webspace (provided by hosting service provider)

Voice phone number of hosting service


E-mail address of hosting service for support or help


Announcing, Promoting
and Advertising Your Web Site

Once completed, tested, and approved by you , we can help let the world know about your site. Below are some of the advertising issues that should be addressed.

  • You should include your email address and website URL on all your company's printed literature, stationery, and display advertising
  • Information about the number of visitors to your web site can be obtained from your Internet Hosting Service Provider and provide valuable information on how well your advertising is working.
  • List any keywords you can think of that would help people find your site, information, services and products. Try to think like your audience and guess at what they might type in to search for what you have to offer them.
  • A 25-word (200 character) sentence or two describing your website using as many key words as possible in a "readable" sentence.
  • We will submit this information to web search engines to "register" your web site once final payment is received and each month thereafter for the following six months for free. We can continue to submit your site to around 500 search engines on a monthly basis with a maintenance agreement. Each time we do this, you will receive an automatic report listing all successful submissions and failed submissions on specific search engines.

Any additional comments you would like to include?

This worksheet has been created to assist you in either designing your own site or obtaining a web site designed and published by Cyberspace Publishing. If you fill out this form, you are in no way obligated to purchase a web page! Once the worksheet is completed and submitted, we will contact you with your free web page estimate!

Note: Please click the "Send" button only once. Due to the amount of information being processed, it may take a minute or two for the form to go through. Thanks.

What Happens Next?

Once you have completed this worksheet, either fax or mail it to us (or submit it to us now by clicking the "Send" button above.) We will then evaluate your needs based on your answers to the questions and contact you with our bid and/or any questions regarding your website design. Once we are in agreement, we will return a copy of this worksheet (including any changes discussed during our interview) for confirmation. We will also include our bid and our Web Page Design and Maintenance Agreement. Listed below are the items that will make up the package that you'll be sending back to us when you accept our bid. In order to expedite the completion of your website, please make sure that you include everything listed in this checklist:

___ The returned copy of this worksheet with any changes initialed as accepted and confirmed.
___ A copy of the Web Page Design and Maintenance Agreement signed by you (we send you two copies signed by us.)
___ Written content for your web pages on a diskette in a major word processor or ascii character format.
___ Copies of printed materials i.e. brochures, booklets, and other materials you currently use to advertise or promote your organization.
___ Photos or graphics to be included - preferably on diskette, in any popular PC format, i.e. GIF, JPG, BMP, PCX, TIF. - or high quality graphics, logos and photos to be scanned.
___ Payment of 50% of the agreed upon cost of the website.

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