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Tom FossonHi! My name is Tom Fosson. I'd like to introduce myself. Back in the late 70's when most people could envision no possible use for computers and thought they were nothing more than a time-wasting "fad", I became a fanatic on my meager Texas Instruments TI-99/4A - teaching myself to program and going "on-line" with a service called "The Source" (later bought up by CompuServe, which, itself, was later bought up by AOL.) During that time, my friends, family and co-workers thought I was a "nut case" (many still do) because I was always on the personal computer "soapbox" describing what the future was going to be like. Now, I build computers and websites for myself and my friends, family and clients.

Having been deeply involved with computers since 1978, and on the Internet since 1994, I am often asked about the programs I use and "How can I make money on the Internet?" Believe me when I tell you I've tried a lot of programs that weren't worth the time it took to download - let alone, actually read them! I've also paid good money for ebooks and marketing gimmicks that I'd be too embarassed to even mention here. However, there are some programs I use that I consider to be "Must Haves" and some marketing programs and books that actually have made me more money than I paid for them!

Most of the programs and resources I describe here are those I actually use and personally endorse. Some are freely available as fully functional programs. Some have limited time tryouts available. Some of the ebooks have excerpted "sample" versions available for you to review. Some will help you with your websites and some will help you supplement your income as they have mine. I think all of them are worth your time to investigate.

I have broken them into categories where I feel each program or resource should fit, and placed each category on individual pages for faster loading. My organizational skills may differ from yours, so please bear with me - some items may even find themselves under multiple categories if I thought they would fit. You can jump from one category to another with the dropdown menu provided in each section head, or by the text menu at the bottom of each page. I hope you get as much benefit from these as I have!

Tom Fosson


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Future World Future World!

Future World

OK. I have to blow my own horn, here. I just opened my very own Future World store and I couldn't be happier!!!

What is Future World? Probably one of the most unique sources of Success and Motivational tapes, books and CDs on the Internet! I've actually been one of their very happy customers for several years (they've been in business for 16 years now.) The prices are surprisingly low, their shipping quick (and often, free,) and they ship to 195 different nations. Many of the audio books cannot be found anywhere else.

If you are serious about succeeding, you really owe it to yourself to browse through our catalog! We have the lowest priced unmasked subliminal tapes you'll find anywhere! (Pssst! I don't want to give away any secrets, but there is always a nice surprise in every shipment! :) Check out "Future World" by clicking here or on one of the logos!

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